Novels and Short Stories

Jacob's OdysseyMy first novel is Jacob's Odyssey. And it's available now on Amazon. Its description follows below.

For Jake, a perilous journey of survival will soon turn into a quest for redemption...

A terrible virus has struck and the world has deteriorated into chaos. And with the infected now outnumbering their human counterparts, chances for survival lessen with each passing day. After running out of food in his condo, Jake must make his way across the Salt Lake Valley to reach the safety of the mountains, and he must use his wiles to avoid the packs of infected roaming the streets. But Jake is haunted by a devastating personal tragedy he can't let go of, and his journey of survival quickly turns into a quest for redemption.

Just as he’s about to reach the safety of the mountains, a phone call changes everything. A woman and her child need help and Jake finally sees an opportunity to redeem himself. But will his helping them put them in harm's way? Jake is being stalked by a brutal and sadistic alpha (by far the most dangerous of the infected). In the end, Jake will have to decide how far he's willing to go to keep them safe and earn the redemption he seeks.

Jacob's Odyssey is self-published by Roether Publishing (that's me). Find it here on Amazon.

Short Stories

I have two short stories listed on Amazon at the moment. One is a zombie apocalypse story with a humorous twist called Dead Daughters, the other is a military story about a soldier's moral dilemma and that's called Leaving Panama. The descriptions are listed below.

Dead DaughtersDead Daughters is a humorous (okay, perhaps a tad dark) short story about a family impacted by a zombie apocalypse. Harold and Alice's fragile marriage is floundering on the rocks, and the only thing holding it together is their daughter, Bailey.

But when the apocalypse hits, Bailey is infected (or is she?) and Harold worries that his wife might leave him. Harold still loves his wife and he's willing to do virtually anything to reconcile with his wife and save their marriage, and he'll have to if he wants their marriage to survive. You can check it out on Amazon -- Here.

Leaving PanamaThe short story, Leaving Panama, centers around a young soldier named Hicks facing a moral dilemma. He's riddled with guilt over getting a sixteen-year-old Panamanian girl pregnant. He's about to leave Panama but doesn't want to leave saddled with the overwhelming guilt he's feeling, though he's already decided there's nothing he can do about the pregnancy. And he doesn't see taking her home with him to the states as an option.

The only option Hicks can come up with is serving some kind of self-directed penance. So he comes up with a plan that puts his fate in the hands of a razor-wielding prostitute named Crazy Lucy. Check out Leaving Panama on Amazon.

Novels, Short Stories

Jacob's Odyssey Dead Daughters Leaving Panama